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Chimney Repair Basics
Cracks in your chimney’s crown can be easily repaired by patching them with a cement patch or mortar. You can use a putty knife or squeeze bottle to inject the cement patch into the crack. Cracks typically take four to six hours to dry. If the cracks are larger and deeper, longer cure times may be required. This article outlines some of the most common methods of chimney repair. To learn more about chimney repair, contact a local chimney repair service.

In most cases, a deteriorated flue liner will need to be replaced. This piece protects the interior of the chimney and makes it perform at its best. Flue liners are required by law in most states and work to transfer combustible gasses out of the home. While modern chimney liners are made from metal, older homes may have clay liners. These types of liners can break down over time and should be replaced before a major fire breaks out.

Some minor damage may require only cursory repairs. If you suspect a crack in your chimney, examine it carefully. Often, weather is the cause of crumbling mortar. Because mortar is softer than brick, the crumbling mortar in your chimney will need to be scraped away and replaced with new mortar. This process will make your chimney more water and ice-resistant. If you can’t afford to hire a professional chimney repair service, you can save yourself money and time.

Another simple chimney repair is to patch the damaged flashing. The cost of flashing is usually $200 to $300, depending on its severity. Flashing protects the chimney from water damage and leaks. Cracked flashing can be repaired with new roofing cement, but warped or flared flashing will probably need to be replaced entirely. Damaged step flashing is made of interwoven or overlapped pieces of metal that are designed to redirect water away from the chimney.

If you are considering a DIY chimney repair, make sure to contact a local chimney repair service before attempting the work. It is important to avoid amateur chimney repairs, which could result in safety hazards and hundreds of dollars in future repair costs. When choosing a chimney repair service, be sure to ask for a written contract before agreeing to a price. Ask questions about the equipment they use, payment plans, and the clean-up process.

Several things can cause your chimney to need repair, and a professional chimney repair service can help you to determine what the best solution is. During the inspection process, a chimney repair service will determine the best method of repair. A simple flashing repair can be done on-site. It may also take only thirty minutes to two hours to complete. If you have a larger problem, however, you should seek professional help. If your chimney has been leaking for several days, you should contact a chimney repair service as soon as possible.

In addition to chimney repairs, homeowners can also have their chimneys re-mortarled. Re-pointing involves filling in any mortar that has fallen off. This process helps prevent further damage to the chimney. A chimney repair specialist will typically charge between $150 and $500 for this process. While it may seem like a relatively inexpensive solution, the price can add up if the damage is extensive and difficult to repair. Regardless of which method you choose, it is important to understand the costs of chimney repair to determine which method is right for your home.

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